Lips love flips

With 4 Flippin' Awesome flavors to choose from,
there's a flavor to satisfy any snack attack.

DeMet's Candy Company takes great pride in making FLIPZ® candy-coated pretzels. Our fresh-baked, brick-oven pretzels are crafted in the heart of Pennsylvania. Each golden pretzel is slow-baked to perfection and then enrobed in one of our delicious coatings. Our dedication to high quality ingredients and a traditional manufacturing process continues to make FLIPZ the #1 brand of chocolate covered pretzels.

Enjoy all the fabulous FLIPZ flavors (Bet you can’t say that three times fast!):


Milk Chocolate

Rich, luscious milk chocolate. So simple and oh so good!

White Fudge

Creamy sweetness outside, salty crunch inside. Pure heaven!

Chocolate Mint

Cool mint flavor paired with rich chocolate creates a fresh new flavor!

Dark Chocolate

Deep, rich flavor of 50% cacao, loaded with antioxidants. What’s not to love?